With You in Mind

A new moon brings with it a new day,
and with you in mind,
I bow my head and pray,
that this love will be held in the highest regard
free from ego, insecurities, jealousies
Regrettably, old habits die hard
But with gentle kisses,
you lay my fears to bed,
and with each endearing glance,
the doubts are slowly shed
that this journey will take a path
different from the rest
yet time remains, the ultimate test
Can age-old scars be healed with a whisper
years of angst, betrayal, denial, suddenly seem crisper
They led me to you, one tear at a time
so that we could be here, together, in this place
when the moment was prime


A Labyrinth of Lies

Momentary thrills distract from the mundane
Day in day out different people, same games
Hidden behind shadows of fear, corners of doubt
A labyrinth of lies, constructed without an escape route
People constantly inflating their egos to the max
Pretending to be something they’re not,
running away from the facts
A judgement here, a dirty look there
If you don’t fit the mold, then nobody really cares
Where you’re going, or what you’ve done
Interacting will these people is like being blinded by the sun

When Words are power, writing is freedom
A ‘ah hah’ feeling, the most gratifying medium
When the pen touches paper
No walls exist,
No boundaries to respect
No topics to resist
When the channels are lubricated
I have the universe in my grasp
Drawing upon wisdom from years of evolution
The keys to unlock the clasp

Open Eyes

I look at you with wonder, amazement,
that at such a ripe and juvenile age,
you’ve accomplished this much

Within you, I see a craving for greatness
a thirst to show the world, those critics who disproved,
that success doesn’t lie in an age or a gender
that accomplishment doesn’t have one face

I see the infinite possibilities you were born with
There are no boundaries, obstacles or road blocks on YOUR path,
for we have paved it with love

The Universe is cradling your purpose,
Preserving it in our womb,
Until the day you arise
And embrace it as your own

Beneath Her Wake

-Anonymous love note

With a kiss, I broke asunder

With her lips, she pulled me under

Lightning struck in the thunderstorm

Heartbeats pattered in raindrop form

A silver moon, gave a silver glean

On silver skin, with a silver sheen

In the heartbeat rain, touch was felt

Hands and lips, burn and melt

Hold and touch as lightning strikes

Twice as flood breaks through the dikes

In the rain of the thunderstorm

Her hair a tangle, so soft and warm

She the tide as the levees break

I the drowned beneath her wake